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La Parisienne;
una trilogía, una exposición retro

La Parisienne is an itinerant exhibition that reveals the nostalgia of an era. In it, three photographers attempt to capture the image of the Parisian woman as it has been cemented in our collective imagination.

A stereotype, a cliché, a vestige, an idea about the women of the “City of Lights” and the savoir-faire that characterises them. A joint discourse by Delmari Romero Keith and François Taborelli, that seeks to unravel the essence of that gaze; that fascination displayed by the modern, feminine woman who affirms herself with grace; she who transits between fashion and art, open, sophisticated, uninhibited, subtly insinuating both furtive and indifferent glances, while unfolding her sinuous and seductive walk.

There have been many who have captured them with their lenses, dressed or semi-nude, posing or distracted. From Cartier-Bresson, Brassaï, Doisneau to Helmut Newton, they have all professed an allure to elucidate the mystery of that female archetype.

Although the images in this exhibition are marked by the same obsessions, the artists themselves —Helmut Newton, Patrick Chelli, and Daniel Waks— have managed to represent the paradigm of the woman who rebels and reveals herself at the same time that they question her femininity in front of the challenges that the XXIst century confronts her with.