FLUX//ZONE is a curatorial initiative, a space created for critical thinking which amalgamates aesthetic proposals with social compromise. We promote artists who resort to both traditional and non-traditional mediums to enrich innovative discourses and formal proposals.

Co-founded by Delmari Romero Keith and Manuel Aaron Jiménez Barragán in 2014, Flux·Zone was born from a desire to reflect and recognize, the work of artists who are immersed in the complexities of contemporary culture.

As curators, we are driven by the need to give form and meaning to our own universe through a permanent discovery of intrinsic beauty and vitality of art. Therefore, without trying to impose an ordinance on art itself, but trying to discover in an endless journey, in each piece its independence and aesthetic value.

The objective of our work is to be a platform that supports and gives way to artists who show the concerns of humanity in the XXI century.

Out of Silence